The recorded history of amber goes back many thousands of years, and much is written about this fascinating gem, far too much to write about in a few small paragraphs. The likelihood is that if you have been drawn to these pages, you have probably already done your research on line and are aware of most of the facts.


For example, that amber is the fossilised resin of ancient trees, long extinct; that Baltic amber is the most readily available and is approximately 40 million years old; that there are other types of amber to be found  from various parts of the world.  Mexican amber from Ciapas, Burmese amber from Myanmar; Indonesian blue amber from Sumatra, and then there is the blue amber from the Dominican Republic. Some of these ambers are much younger than Baltic Amber, but nevertheless already fossilised and deemed a true amber, and  of a quality that can be cut and tooled and made into beautiful objects to be admired.


Not to be confused with Copal, which is sometimes referred to as "young" amber and which has not yet been through the natural polymerisation process which turns the hardened resin (copal) into true fossilised amber, all of our amber is high quality natural amber, the majority of which comes from the Baltic Region.

Artisamber has, over a number of years, worked closely with the amber industry, getting to know its experts, scientists and academics, as well as the artisans and craftsmen involved in creating objects of beauty made with amber. We pride ourselves in dealing with only those people who share the same passion and integrity as ourselves, and whose work can simply be described as the finest in quality and design.


Artisamber art pieces and jewellery come with the guarantee of authenticity of the amber used,  the  excellence of workmanship, and are regulated by the International Amber Association.  The IAA also offer a service for testing and certification of Baltic Amber. 


We would be happy to advise you if you already own a piece of amber and wish to have it tested and authenticated.