Przemysław Kuś comes from a family of sculptors: it's in his blood. Carving since childhood, he learnt the skills from his father, an accomplished woodcarver.

With a degree in history, woodcarving was merely an interesting pastime  until he was introduced to amber. This is when Przemysław's interest became a passion and the transition from Historian to professional sculptor began.

His adventure with amber continues and he now runs a family business with his father creating unique sculptures, specialising in carving images of famous masters.

Working mainly to commission, his subjects have included the famous Leonardo da Vinci, Girl with an Ermine and Four Continents by Peter Paul Rubens, with the most dramatic and impressive piece, a joint work with his father, being a remarkable tableau depicting the famous Polish Battle of Grunwald.

Przemysław Kus, sculptor and historian, has many of his pieces housed in museums as well as private collections: testimony to his exceptional skills and passion for amber.

Commissions are undertaken with clients providing their own piece of raw amber which our consultants can also help to source for you.