Master of Amber

Creator of a unique collection of amber artworks, Lucjan Myrta began his love affair with amber in 1968 when, as a young man, he made his first artistic pieces. His passion for amber continued, to the point where he now has a private gallery housed in Poland, and his amber treasure trove is quite possibly only second in opulence to the fabled Amber Room in St. Petersburg which vanished during WWII. His present collection consists of well over 300 exhibits, with all elements contained in his work made of natural Baltic amber.

Affectionately known as the Amber King, Lucjan Myrta has dedicated his whole life to amber. The title of Master of Amber Craftsman was bestowed upon him in 1979 by the Minister of Culture of Poland.

His greatest achievement is a piece known as the Treasury. A casket standing approximately 2.75m high, weighing just over 823kg, and which took over 12 years to complete.

The collection is too large to feature on these pages and needs to be seen in its entirety to appreciate the magnificence of his work.  Lucjan Myrta is happy to show his collection to interested parties who would like to own a unique work of art to add to their collection.

Artisamber has the privilege of representing Mr Myrta, and would be pleased to arrange an audience with The Master.