Our pieces can be considered investments as well as beautiful items of jewellery.

Our investment portfolio includes hand-made designer jewellery and artworks made with amber by master craftsmen.

We know our designers personally and work closely with them to bring our clients what they want; we'll bring to you the ultimate in artistic accessories and artworks made with amber.

All of our jewellery designers use classic goldsmith techniques and all have their own individual styles. The pieces here are typical examples of their work.  If you like what you see and are looking for something special, let us know: we will source for you.

Would you like to commission a piece of jewellery from one of our designers?  Are you looking to invest in amber art or designer jewellery? We have experienced consultants in Hong Kong and UK who would be happy to discuss your requirements.

All of our pieces come with the assurance of quality and guarantee of authenticity connected with the International Amber Association, an organisation founded in 1996 to regulate the amber industry.


A member of the International Amber Association is committed to meeting the criteria required by the organisation and testifies to the correctness of the processing method, the good quality of the entire product, as well as to the company’s reliability, It is a guarantee of the authenticity of the raw material used and therefore a protection against forgeries and substitutes. Members must comply with the Amber Classification System created by IAA.